A Selection from the Dansette Repertoire of Dances both fast and slow, with something for all ages and occasions.
Fantastic fun for everyone! :

  1. Bridge of Athlone
  2. Lady Round the Lady - an American Square Dance........a real thigh slapper with lots of "dang my britches!" and "yeeeeeehaaaaaaing!"......great for the exhibitionist after his/her 4th pint.....(Old Joe Clark music set - see Downloads)
  3. Cumberland Square Eight - (Michelle Aubrey music set - see Downloads)
  4. Drops of Brandy - lots of stripping of willows......(Music for a Found Harmonium music set - see Downloads)
  5. Lucky 7 - progressive dance which works a treat so long as the number of couples dancing is not in multiples of 7
  6. Quorndon Hill
  7. Sweets of May
  8. Foula Reel
  9. Nottingham Swing
  10. Circassian Circle
  11. Texas Schottische
  12. Waves of Tory
  13. Rifleman - music......Vivaldi meets Riverdance......great for all those budding Michael Flatleys and Jean Butlers!
  14. Siege of Ennis - popular Irish dance that any self-respecting 1st, 2nd or 3rd generation Irish person has running in their veins.
  15. Gay Gordons - go on, go on.....you know this one......kilts optional.
  16. Muffin Man's Jig
  17. Lady Godiva - another great one for the exhibitionist......with clothes on!
  18. Auntie Hettie's White Horse